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Hi everyone. Welcome to Gallipoli Mod's site. You will be playing the dardanelles mission from first world war when the Gallipoli mod is fully released. But you'll have to be bought a serial and installed Mount&Blade to your machine. You will play the game from turkish soldiers side. It will be have several parts. Some of them will have sabotage missions, some of them defending the outpost, ...... You can see screenshots from screenshots page before the release. There will be two selectable languages for speech but no subtitles. We're working very hard for first release!


06.04.2008 - After a long time and different experiments, I'm back! And ready to continue this mod. But it will be hard because I'm starting over.

06.01.2008 - Developing stopped. 

05.01.2008 - Demo Version is out! Click here to download it.

01.01.2008 - Happy New Year! 

30.12.2007 - New screenshots added. Click Reflesh to be sure seeing brand new! And Mortar video is uploaded to youtube. Click here to watch it.

23.12.2007 - New Photos Added. See the Screenshots. New ones are marked with "New Photo!". That means, this mod isn't dead yet. 

21.12.2007 - Developing stopped. 

16.12.2007 - First release have been delayed. Maybe one week. 

02.12.2007 - First release date have been set to 16.12.2007.

 29.11.2007 - First Battle Try Video is out! Click here to watch it! Also you can see exploding barrel and minefield tests videos from youtube. Minefield Video - Exploding Barrel Video.

26.11.2007 - First beta version have released for beta testers. See pictures. 

26.11.2007 - Site Started!

21.11.2007 - We have opened a new topic on Taleworlds.

20.11.2007 - We have started to make that mod. Hope it will be cool.


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